Cold Plasma


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What is cold plasma
Cold plasma is a gaseous mix of low energy ionized molecules, electrons and dust particles.

In the generation of cold plasma, radiation is produced in the form of visible and ultraviolet light and heat.

During irradiation with cold plasma, ozone is produced from molecular oxygen in a highly complex process in the body cell. In an aqueous solution, ozone is a rather unstable molecule and releases an oxygen atom which is negatively charged ad combines with bacteria, germs, toxins and slag substances which are positively charged. The process has a detoxifying, purifying and germicidal effect.

PUREBEAU Coldblast is suitable for composting applications of:
Alternative practitioners

Application examples
Acne and impure skin
Sensitized skin
Ear infections and rhinitis
Any symptoms caused by diabetes
Wound healing
Regeneration/ Lifting
Scars and stretch marks
Firmer Skin
Face contours
Smoothing of the skin surface
Rejuvenation of the skin structure
Improvement of the skin colour
Contraindication: none