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Laser Hair Removal

Super-Fast Medical Grade Laser Hair Removal

We have recently introduced the Milesman Compact Diode Laser to our clinic, where we provide medical grade Laser Hair Removal treatments.

The system combines benefits of a minus 8 degree tip and uses the Gold Standard Diode Laser to achieve maximum hair loss and results. This powerful laser provides speed of delivery and ensures effortless hair removal. From a single shot to the glide motions you will feel comfortable. It can treat fine/light hairs as-well as dark hair and from skin types 1 to 6 safely at all times of the year.

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Does it hurt?

Our laser uses VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) technology which reduces hot spots/scattered energy that is common in other lasers therefore ensuring client comfort throughout your treatment. The contact cooling provides comfort whilst the treatment is being carried out so the client will feel a sensation of cold rather than heat. You may feel a slight zapping of the hairs which is in no comparison to waxing or threading in terms of pain. Virtually pain-free.

How many sessions do I need?

Usually between 6-8 mostly dependent on the area and individual.

How often should I have laser hair removal treatments?

Treatments are usually performed every 4-6-8 weeks. This also depends on the growth cycle of the hair as it varies from area to area and person to person.

How long does a laser hair removal treatment take?

Each area can vary depending on what body part you are planning to treat For example, underarms can take 5 minutes, and half arms or lower legs within 10/20 minutes, full back and shoulders from 15 mins to full body which can take up to lhr 30 mins.

How do I prepare?

The treatment area should be shaved completely prior to treatment the night before. Do not wax, tweeze, epilate or use chemical depilatories or self tanning creams between laser treatments.

Can I shave between sessions?

Yes of course, as you see growth shave, On the face we request you leave the area between sessions so we can closely monitor the progress for you and use the best settings as the hair can get very light and thin quickly although you can shave if absolutely necessary.

My hair is really thick and dark, will I need a lot more sessions?

No, the thicker and darker the hair the better for laser. If you have hormonal hair you will still see great results, but more frequent top-ups will be needed.


Before & After

In just 5 – 7 sessions, over 2 – 3 months, Milesman Compact disables stem cells & hair is permanently removed.

Other low-power Lasers require over 9 sessions to only partially disable stem cells, meaning the hair will return.

VCSEL Technology

The new VCSEL technology distributes the energy homogeneously along the spot, eliminating the “hot spot” or “tack effect” that is a common feature in most previous technologies.

Using VCSEL technology, the energy is distributed uniformly across the skin area, which creates greater efficiency & less perceived pain.

Lasers without VCSEL technology, the energy is concentrated in the centre of the skin area, resulting in pain, irritation & risk of burning.